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Andy MacDonald . Net My blog, periodically updated with doings of my life and things I find interesting.

My Résumé. Outlines my professional skills in technical leadership, Internet development and virtual reality.

Faux Orwell Writing Contest A literary competition to write parodies of the essays, novels and columns of George Orwell. A prize goes to the best "Orweller", as judged by a panel of Orwell experts.

George Orwell Photos A gallery of photos I have taken over the years of historical interest to George Orwell scholars, including places he worked and visited in London and his gravesite.

Mandelbrot A Java applet which generates Mandelbrot and Julia sets, and lets you examine and color them.

Pounce A board game where you can chat with your computer opponent. Requires Java-enabled browser.

CyberMaxx Information on the discontinued CyberMaxx HMD from VictorMaxx Technology, Inc.

Real Astute Real Estate An online primer on how to build and sell single family houses, and how to analyse and avoid real estate scams.

TV Destruction Party 2000 Friends of mine hold a Fourth of July TV demolition party each year. Here are photos from the event in 2000.

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